Aims & Objective

To provide a sound education designed to train its pupils for the world of tomorrow imbued with zeal and a spirit of service in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ and to deepen their commitment to a life of service, as exemplified in Jesus Christ by means of presentation of the gospel through teaching, worship and witness, in accordance with Christian benefits.

  • The School strives to develop the whole person in a state of freedom and personal responsibility by helping the students to realize the presence of God within oneself and in others.
  • Teaching them to pray and to live in accordance with the dictates.
  • Instilling in them to live for Truth, Justice, Equality and Brotherhood.
  • The curricular and co-curricular activities are designed to achieve its goal of forming integrated human persons.

Including in them the spirit of work and co-operation and promoting a spirit of service and loyalty. Instilling in them the values of dignity of labour and community service.

Our Vision

To promote the Glory of God by the holiness of the members of our institute and the service of the Kingdom of God.

Our Goal

The Goal of our educational Endeavour is fullness of life for all, especially the marginalized, the rural, poor and the girls, through an integrated formation, in partnership with God to build His Kingdom.

Our Core Values

  1. God experience
  2. Compassionate love for all, specially the poor and the marginalized.
  3. Communion, collaboration and team spirit.
  4. Excellence in term s of developing each one’s unique potentialities to build a just and human community.
  5. Truth, love, justice and peace.
  6. Simplicity of life style and dignity of labour.
Respect of life style and nature, culture, religion and love for the nation.