Co Curricular Activities

The school provides ample opportunities for students to take part in different co-curricular activities and thereby develop qualities of self expression, self confidence, self discipline purposefulness, endurance, decision making etc. which all are needed for a full and fruitful life.

The school is grouped into 4 houses for the purpose of different activities and inter-house championship trophy is awarded to the house that scores highest number of points in the school year. Pupil is also given training in Music, Dance Yoga, Drawing Painting and other art forms.

Inter house debates and quiz competitions, talent show, inter house games and Athletic & Cultural competitions are the regular features of the school year. Students are to participate in the activities whole heartily and must participate at least in two items as per the general instructions given by the school authorities.

The school constitutes of the following clubs. Each club will gather and conduct their own programmes separately ad will conduct common programmes as per the time schedule.

  • Science & Nature Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Literary Club
  • Social Science Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Sports Club
  • Music & Art
  • Road Safety Club
  • KCSL
  • DCL